Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cooking Craving

Been packing and moving for the past couple weeks. Almost done, though, and looking forward to being back to cooking. I moved from a 2-year-old condo to a 40-year-old duplex that is much bigger, has a yard, etc. Of course, the mid-60s (perhaps somewhat renovated in the '90s, but with cheap materials) kitchen with linoleum counters, awkward storage, tiny oven, and miniscule counter space is not quite as nice as my 2006 kitchen with granite counters, stainless appliances, side-by-side fridge with in-door water and ice, and big, smooth rolling drawers. However, the pantry is way bigger, so that's one point for my new old kitchen.

Hopefully I will be back and posting new recipes very soon! The next thing I want to cook is actually not going to be of my own creation, it's going to be a Ming Tsai recipe. I don't normally enjoy Chinese or American Chineseish food, but his ginger beef with leeks (cached link because the real site is missing) sounds really good. It involves a ginger syrup that I'm going to make and store for other uses.

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